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Hayward devised knee braces and other medical equipment to aid the recovery of injured student-athletes. Bowerman launched America’s jogging boom to promote healthy living, learned how to make shoes to improve the ones his Ducks wore, and revolutionized the athletic footwear industry—famously at the expense of wife Barbara’s waffle iron.

Rising Star Games was set-up in 2004 as a joint business venture between Bergsala Holding and Japanese publisher Intergrow.

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This reflected the controversial GamerGate, where people had their obvious problems with women due to concerns about "journalistic ethics" and where a mostly online movement had driven many women out of the industry.

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of the top 25 rising star’s in New York Tech Under 25.

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The following video is a funny example of how NOT to do math in a case interview. The math question is:

Film and Television Rising Star Nomination Form.

Nominees from any industry-related profession should excel in their specific craft and show progressive advancement in their career. Candidates should also have a respected reputation within the industry/community, serve as a role model, and stand out as potential "stars of the future.".

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This field report comes from an F1Y who had abandoned the idea of consulting after failure in the case interview process, but then decided to pursue it as a career option a second time and succeeded.