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Change Your Brain Masters Course . Packed with powerful tools and exercises to improve your brain health, and easy-to-follow strategies, it’s never been easier to implement the Amen Clinics Method in.

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Change Your Brain Masters Course (0) Review | 0 Write a Review >>> In this course, Psychiatrist Daniel G. Amen MD will uncover the rules of the brain, how its invisible forces guide your life and how you can gain the power to redefine their influence—and create a foundation for a better brain and life.

Dr. Amen’s Change Your Brain Master’s Coaching Program. This program includes Change Your Brain, Change Your Life Book & Workbook, DVD Course: 12 lessons, over 14 hours of material, Brain Fit Life membership for a year that includes: A special, comprehensive, baseline brain health assessment, exercises to teach you how to kill the ANTs, 9.

"Change Your Brain, Change Your Life" Bestseller Dr. Daniel Amen Featured on MASTERS Audio Club Daniel Amen is a physician, psychiatrist, brain expert, and author. Interviewed by Winn Claybaugh and TV fitness personality Chalene Johnson, Dr. Amen tells why mental health is brain health and how to improve happiness, wellness, and longevity.

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