Doc Nature Elegant Ratio And The Canon Of The Human Body

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These results further underscore the importance of large-scale sequenced based studies of the microbiome to better characterize its gene content and diversity. Human microbiome reference genomes The current goal for the reference genome component of the HMP is to sequence at least 3,000 reference microbial genomes associated with the human body.

When the movie was shot, the film used was of a larger aspect ratio. In the editing process, the "black bars" commonly associated with widescreen films were added to cover the top and bottom of the picture – trimming off material at the top and bottom of the frame.

Clearly you have no chance of two pieces of such a polycrystalline material having the right structure at the surface that the grains at the surface lining up nicely as happens for perfect single crystals. In practice you solve this problem in a very elegant way by simply jamming one piece on top of the other at high pressures.


Plato saw the structure of the human body and face as a system of triads.

"they were looking for a guide to drawing rather than a canon of beauty." Others.

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Hooker argues that human reason can discover the existence of God and our moral obligations to others, who are “our equals in nature.” “In those times wherein there were no civil societies,” (when Locke quotes this passage, he adds “i.e, in the state of nature”), men were bound by the natural and divine law “even as they are men.”

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Jun 14, 2012  · Together, these datasets represent comprehensive and complementary views of the human microbiome as shown by comparing organismal (Fig. 1a) and gene (Fig. 1b) catalogues, and the ratio of genes contributed per OTU (Fig. 1c).