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You may think you need experience from doing videos or taking classes at the gym before coming into the studio, but the exact opposite is true. Pilates is kind of complex and the fundamental movement principles at the core of the method are best learned in studio environment through private sessions or small group introductory classes.

What you may not know is — it needs to link up with at least.

visual system, inner ear balance system.

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visual system, inner ear balance system (vestibular) and body movement awareness system (proprioception). And if any one of these “satellites” links become weak, or gets out-of-alignment.

Your body can react with pain, stiffness, inflexibility, and a loss of strength.

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Cobb, Eric Cohen, Pete.

The Relationship between Posture, Stability, and Mobility.

This concept that entails the balance of forces to control joint alignment.

I joined World Gym a couple of months ago and have been very satisfied with the selection of machines and free weights along with the number of classes offered. You can predict the busiest times/days of the week and with a little flexibility have the gym to yourself for a great workout.

Dr. Eric Cobb is the founder and CEO of Z-Health Performance Solutions, a movement health and fitness company with three different educational divisions: Rehabilitation, Health Improvement and Performance Enhancement. Dr. Cobb is a chiropractic physician, professional speaker, author and nationally sought-after fitness trainer.

In the emerging neuroscience of exercise and movement the visual system is key. Dr. Eric Cobb explains how vision exercises influence mobility, flexibility and strength, plus demonstrates four primary

This movement is the holy grail of shoulder stability and may be pound for pound the hardest dumbbell exercise known to man. First developed by my mentor Dr. Eric Serrano, this press hits every small muscle involved in stabilizing the shoulder – from the rotator cuff to the labrum – in addition to the big movers like the deltoids.