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Why a Lifestyle Business Could Be a Better Fit for You Than a Startup. By Sean Ogle • September 13,

Sean Ogle is the founder of Location 180, a community for those looking to build a lifestyle business.

The Step by Step Guide to Quitting Your Job PDF and Location Rebel Arsenal—Everything You Need to Work from Anywhere. +1 4. Share 1.

But that’s not why you’re here. You’re here because you’ve already said “hell yeah” and you want to start building up your Location Rebel Arsenal. But, before we jump into that, you might also be wanting to know, who am I? Why should you listen to me? My name is Sean Ogle, founder of Location 180. 4

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Ian, have you heard of Sean Ogle of Location Rebel? I think I read that he quit his job with 10k in savings, moved to Thailand, furiously worked on his marketing skills and built some traction that way, now has a full fledged business.

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After he took his blog full-time and built his own four-hour work week, he found that he just wasn’t happy.

Blogger #16: Sean Ogle from Location Rebel. Eight years ago after going on a trip, Sean Ogle decided he wanted to travel more.

Glad to see you at Smart Blogger again! Thank you for the inspiration, and for introducing us to some.

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Sean Ogle: Bust Out of the 9-5 and Become a Location Rebel.

Quit Your Job + Build a Successful Business. under30ceo.com – Matt “Currently doing the stuff most people just talk about doing.

” In this week’s interview digital nomad & location rebel Sean Ogle (@seanogle) tells us.

Sean Ogle is the founder and Head Rebel of Location Rebel, designed to help you build a small business that gives you the freedom and flexibility to work from anywhere in the world. Sean started out doing mind-numbing work behind a desk in a suit and tie, and finally left it all to pursue his dream of traveling the world and owning his own.

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Location Rebel “Diversification.

Renewed focus.

Following the momentum.

” Location Rebel is the new American Dream, working from anywhere besides the stuffy office. They provide training for people to learn how to work from anywhere they please.