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Football Hedging from Tony Langley and Waverley Media Ltd includes 5 trading systems for football. It’s claimed to be risk free with 90% profitable games and 10% break even. gold option includes access to the website, training, support as required, and email notifications.

Tim Lowe Football Hedging system Post by ralph » 26 Aug 2016, 08:08 Hi fellas it's been a long time since i posted here but in the past it always been a great resource for information .

Now is absolutely the right time to get involved.

the start of the UK football season is just a few weeks away and that’s when the BIG money opportunities really ‘kick in’! Get in now on the most exciting breakthrough in football trading since soccer trading began.

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Tony Langley’s Football Hedging System promises to make you a lot of gains, back up with what looks like a fantastic money back guarantee from Tim Lowe. On the back of our recent interview with Tim Lowe, I received a mailing in the post today advertising Tony Langley’s Football Hedging System.

Getting started requires just a £300 betting bank which certainly doesn’t sound a lot but with the power of compounding and building your bank, the figures that Tim Lowe cites are definitely believable. In fact, there is proof on the sales page of Tony Langley’s Zero Risk Football Hedging System earning profits of £74 off a “single” bet.

Football Hedging System It is created by a guy called Tony Langley and marketed by Tim Lowe. According to the sales page, it claims that Tony has made over £230,000 in the last few years from trading the systems.

Review of Tim Lowe.

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