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Clean SFM: Ep11 – Using "Forgotten" Direct Mail Strategies For Upselling Welcome back to the 3rd part in this 5 part series. In episode #11 I'll be discussing RARELY used direct mail strategies which can be easily implemented (even automated) to take your back-end to an entirely new level.

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Upselling and cross-selling strategies both have the same goal – That of increase the average transaction amount per customer.

The Campbell Soup Company was among the first companies that modernized the concept of the upsell in the 1960s. This was largely due to their trusted brand and reputation for quality. At the time, a can of soup.

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The terms cross-sell and upsell are often used interchangeably because, let’s face it, this gets confusing. Say the customer is viewing a 4GB iPod Nano for $169. 8 GB iPod Nano, $229 -> Upsell, same product family, more expensive 8 GB iPod Touch, $299.

It makes sense, then, that your best bet for raising profit levels is leveraging offers to your existing customer base. What are upsells, cross-sells and bundle-sells? Upsell: An upsell is when you persuade a customer to buy something extra or more expensive. You’ve been up-sold when you visit a car dealership to buy a Toyota and end up.

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